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This is the pre-registration form of Monolithe Bouldering Gym.


Monolithe Bouldering Gym・WARNING TO THE USERS

Climbing is a sport with potential dangers that can lead to serious injuries or death.
There is always a risk of an accident occurring but you should be responsible for your own safety.
We ask you to understand all the risks involved before you use the facility.
Therefore, we ask you to read and understand the statements below.


・There are safety mats in the facility to minimize the risk of injuries, but they do not completely ensure the safety of the climber. Be aware of how you fall. In worst cases, you may end up seriously injured or the fall could be fatal.
・It is important to know what position you are in when you fall as the fall may lead to serious injuries.
・When you are climbing, look around to see if anyone else is climbing close by or predict if other climbers may climb close to you. It is important to watch the actions of other climbers to avoid injuries.
・Climbing is a sport with no 100% guarantee of safety. If you are unable to predict the consequence of your climbing and cannot be responsible for your own actions, we ask that you do not climb.
・We take no responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings in the facility. Please be responsible for your own belongings.

<FOR MINORS> (for anyone under age of 20, children in preschool or below)

・We ask for parental consent from anyone under 20. Parents and the climber shall jointly be liable.
・Parents should always accompany children who are in elementary school or preschool. 1 adult should supervise a maximum of 2 children.
・Children who are not climbing should not be in the climbing area.
・Supervise your children to ensure that they do not run around, lie down on the mat/floor, or shout in the facility.
・If the parent of the child (or children) is climbing, make sure that the child is waiting in a safe area.
・Parents should be responsible for the safety of their own children. We shall not be liable for any accidents the child has in the facility.


・We may ask you to leave if you do not comply with our rules, do not obey our staff’s instructions, or we find you committing unlawful behavior. We are not liable to return your registration fee nor user fee in such an instance.

<Confirmation of the Waiver>
I have read the instructions and warnings regarding the use of Monolithe Bouldering Gym. I understand that climbing is a sport with potential dangers which may result in serious injuries or death. I agree to follow the conditions.
I shall be responsible for my own safety and I shall not hold Monolithe Bouldering Gym nor its management responsible if any accidents (injuries, injuries to other customers, damage to the facility) should occur.
I will be responsible for any accidents and or injuries I inflict on others.
A parental consent is necessary for children under 20 years of age.

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